Understanding the Trade Procedures.

Brokers, consultants and representatives must understand that we are the first line of entry into the trade, we are the facilitators of the Trade Desk, we are direct and no broker chains. the documentation is key for a successful submission to be approved and invited to participate into a custom trade. Our Team’s job is to make sure that we have all our “T” crossed and all the “I” dotted. They must follow the exact instructions as indicated on the CIS and all the exhibits are included on the spaces provided. A full detail letter concerning of the provenance and history of the funds is a must requirement. Clients' Bank must be able to issue an MT-799 for the block of the funds for the trade, compliance with the Client's Bank Officer is a must (upon starting the trade) funds must be in a Western Top World Bank. Funds stays in the Client's Bank Account, safe and secure.

The request can to be from 100 MM € to 1 B € other programs from 2 MM € up to 1 B €, call or email for more information (Trading desk will make the determination of the actual monetary entries of the MT799, for the trade) to make sure that the trade is in compliance with the World Bank requirements.

Brokers, consultants and representatives have to introduce the client to our team to facilitate the introduction to the Trade Desk for the conference call. Only the Trading desk can communicate the Trade details and Returns directly to the client.

Upon the our detail presentation of the completed documentation and the signed and dated POF (all dated within 3 days) to the Trade Desk, the due-diligence will be performed and assuming that the request is approved, an invitation will be issue to participate into the custom trade. The program has a 60/40 participation with the Trade Desk. Call for the CIS/KYC documentation and additional formation regarding the program.

Upon the acceptance and approval of the request, we will schedule the conference call and introduce the Client to the Trading desk and to go over the actual details and returns of the Trade with the Client. No brokers, consultants or representatives can participate in the conversation.

Providing that we have a mutual understanding of the actual Trade and the return’s procedures, a contract of trade will be issued by the Trading Desk for the execution of all parties.

We will issue a sub-fee agreement to be paid to the Client’s head broker (It is the responsibility of the head broker to pay all the sub-brokers).

Please use our Secure Email Servers to transmit the Client’s private information: or

Very Important: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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