PSC is a national real estate capital services company and an originator of commercial real estate debt and equity transactions. We combine in-depth market expertise, passion for our work, and a willingness to break new ground to provide our clients with the ultimate customer experience.

The PSC Companies were established in 1986 by the founder Mr. Rene St Lanne, a banker for over 30 years with a team of bankers with more than 130 years of experience. PSC is known for applying its expertise to situations that others shy away from. We care about our clients. Brokers are protected.


Real Estate Loan Programs

PSC offers four primary lending platforms on commercial real estate nationwide. The four can best be described as:

Commercial Property Loans

All types of income-producing properties are considered with competitive pricing and terms. We price and structure each loan based upon it's merits using sound underwriting and a fair assessment of the property, to ensure our borrower gets the best terms available.

Healthcare Property Loans

Since 1986, PSC's subsidiary company, has been actively financing all types of senior living facilities and specialty medical facilities.

Mezzanine/Equity Financing

psc is an active sub-debt capital provider of mezzanine debt and a provider of equity for income-producing properties, properties that are being repositioned, and properties needing rehab or expansion. Value-add opportunities allow borrowers to access this capital without the traditional loan-to-value restrictions.

Equity Money Loans

A direct source of capital for those properties that do not qualify for institutional-type financing for one reason or another, PSC has been making short-term bridge loans since its inception in 1986.

A lot has been written recently suggesting that the current robust lending environment rivals

the one found in 2007. We would suggest, however, that the current climate is actually even

better than five years ago and is, arguably, the best lending climate we may have seen in


Remember, when the lending environment began to deteriorate in 2008, alternative non-bank

lenders barely existed and the unitranche structure was just a glimmer in someone’s eye. The capital structure most borrowers used consisted of either an asset-based or cash flow senior

debt combined with a mezzanine term loan behind it for maximum leverage. Need a loan?

Call a couple of banks or CLOs who eagerly clubbed up the senior piece, add a layer of

mezzanine, and you were done. 




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