Equity Loans are for Commercial, Residential and Investment loan scenarios that do not fit within conventional loan risk parameters. This may be due to the borrower’s credit history or the risk elements of the property itself. Equity loans are sometimes the only option for risky scenarios or borrower profiles. An Equity loan or financing can give you the same benefits that an unobtainable conventional home or commercial hard money loan would give you. This can be the difference between reaching your goals and failure. Whether you need an Equity mortgage loan for a commercial or residential property, we’ve got you covered.



Providing SFRs, 2 to 4 Units, 5 or more Units and Commercial Loans.

With our common-sense underwriting approach, PSC continues to provide funded loans in the under-served niche BETWEEN banks & hard money lenders.

We understand that the borrowers deserve better options and we're proud to offer our unique solution, stated income and including Foreign Nationals.


We provide loans for 1 to 4 Units; 5 0r more and Commercial Loans.


PSC is here to help you find the loan options that fit your individual needs. We make the Lending experience simple by providing you with personalized service from a team of mortgage experts and ensuring that you are empowered with knowledge from a variety of resources. -


PSC Mortgage Bancorp is dedicated to the highest standards of professional ethics and client satisfaction. Our ...objective is to provide mortgage loan programs at the best available rate. We, at PSC Mortgage Bancorp, pride ourselves in consistently maintanining a high percentage of successfully funded financing proposals, regardless of its complexity. -


PSC can help you increase your knowledge and stay on top of current issues, new market data, and important trends. Whether you are a seasoned professional with years of experience, or a new broker at the start of your career, It's time to spread your wings, reach for the sky, and soar higher today. Call us to find out how.


Our team is headed by Mr. Rene St Lanne, the founder, Chairman, President and CEO of the PSC Group.



If you’re looking for a loan, turn to people you know and trust.  Our loan staff works with you personally to offer advice and guidance.  All decisions are made locally, by the same people who work with you every day.  The results:  fast approval, customized lending programs and friendly service from people who care.

With a wealth of combined experience in selecting and fine-tuning apartment loans, we will find the best loan for your needs. Financing for apartment loans is offered for all types of projects of five units or more. As both a business owner and a borrower, you need to have confidence that your commercial lender will understand your needs and strive to meet them. PSC understands what it takes to identify financing for your apartment property.

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In today's competitive economy, Investors are wise to use all the tools so they can to find the best  available  Trade Programs. We are here to help answer all your questions.